Halal Expo Event 2017

The Halal Expo is a great opportunity to join the Halal Food Market and to get in touch with successful entrepreneurs. TIBDA is organizing annually events to Business Expos in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France, which has an extraordinary impact on export relations.

Trade Missions

TIBDA supported Trade Missions to Turkey; in 2016 with attendance of Joe Costello, in 2015 with attendance of Eamon Gilmore and in 2014 with attendance of Ged Nash. The success of the Trade missions has been followed by a Trade mission to Ireland with members of ANSIAD Business Association from Turkey.

Tourism Projects

We played a role by several travel projects, which woke up curiosity by Turkish Tourism Shows. Several famous TV Show of Turkey (Savas Ay, Ayna and Coskun Aral) visited Ireland. The visits followed up by a huge increase of Turkish tourists in Ireland. The travel projects resulted in a visit of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Tursab to Ireland.

Academic Conference Trinity College

We coordinated a conference at the Trinity College which has been supported by the previous ambassador of Turkey to Ireland.

Entrepreneurs Meet Up

TIBDA is also in collaboration with IDA. In assistance of IDA, we arranged several meetings with entrepreneurs from Turkey.

Event Chamber of Commerce

TIBDA has been a sponsor for a friendly match between Turkey and Ireland. This match is followed by a dinner at the chamber of commerce in Drogheda.

Educational Society of Ireland

TIBDA is contributing the educational society of Ireland. The education project of TIBDA in collaboration with the MEI, had a magnificent affect on the touristic visits to Ireland. In 2010, the number of students, who came to Ireland for languages study courses & higher education, was not more than 50. However, at the end of 2016, this marked up to more than 1000 students.

Friends of New Europeans

TIBDA was involved in the organization of the “Friends of New Europeans” reception at the EU Parliament in Brussels, with the attendance of Mrs McGuinnes.

Collaboration Events with Tuskon

The Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey(TUSKON) is non-govenmental and non-profit umbrella organization for 7 business federations and 172 business associations. TUSKON today represents 43,000 business people and more than 120,000 companies and it is the biggest business NGO in the country. TUSKON has a member association in every city and important district of the country and in this respect TUSKON is the most widespread NGO in Turkish business community.