Travel Turkey

Travel Turkey is a Dublin city – center based medical care organization.We aim to form a bridge between Turkey and Ireland through healthcare and holidays.


On Healthcare; we have partnership with hospitals and clinics which are trusted and known in Turkey for their technology and team. As TravelTurkey we want to provide our Irish customers with the best service possible. With TravelTurkey you are able to apply for the best hospitals in Turkey. You will be able to have your treatments on the highest standards for a much cheaper price than in Europe.

On Holidays; if you want to step out of the borders and have an amazing vacation with the possibility of exploring a rich new culture; TravelTurkey is your guide. We will plan your trip to Turkey with utmost care. You are able to get information on the most wanted destinations and activities. Through our tight partnerships with travel companies you will be able to have various relaxing top quality holiday packets to choose from.