The Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey(TUSKON) is non-govenmental and non-profit umbrella organization for 7 business federations and 172 business associations.
TUSKON today represents 43,000 businesspeople and more than 120,000 companies and it is the biggest business NGO in the country.TUSKON has a member association in every city and important district of the country and in this respect TUSKON is the most widespread NGO in Turkish business community.


Being the most widespread business NGO in Turkey,TUSKON has the widest and strongest domestic networking capacity in the country.This network mainly includes our member federations and associations,and some non-member partner organiations.
With domestic networking capacity,TUSKON is able to provide services including-but not limited to-organizing trade delegations from and to Turkey,trade and investment match-making activities and helping international companies reach relevant and reliable counterparts in Turkish business community.

Website: http://www.tuskon.org/